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Anonymous said: Hi I love your story I hope you continue.

Hi! Thank you!

Whew! Its been awhile. Life has taken over and its being crazy. Planning to continue once things settle down and can really work on the story. Definitely will keep you and others updated! Again, thanks for the support.

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Anonymous said: when will we get an update

Hi anon, hopefully soon. Working on the new chapter, trying to get it just right. Thank you for the support and hope you’ve enjoyed it so far.

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Anonymous said: No. I meant it like "Yay, Spuckcedes!" But if you want to write a Spuckcedes plus a baby fic. It's more than alright with me :)

Thought so. :)

Thanks for the support! So definitely Yay! Spuckcedes. haha And Glad to know you’d be on board with parents!Spuckcedes .

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Anonymous said: Spuckcedes baby.

Hi Anon, not sure if I’m reading correctly. You want a Spuckcedes baby? If so, we’ll see!

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• Untitled Spuckcedes Part 3 

Authors Note: Sorry for the wait, this chapter took a bit longer than thought, some of you might be pleasantly surprised by this one! Also the next one will be up a little quicker hopefully. Thanks for all of you who are reading, totally appreciate it! Forgive the mistakes! 

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New chapter update should be up some time tonight!

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• Untitled Spuckedes Part 2…

Mercedes and Artie met inside of Delmonico’s and were quickly escorted to a private area. The lunch crowd was beginning to show, making it hard to maneuver around the interior as well as talk. The white, linen covered tables were organized, intentionally at an angle with silverware, water glasses and gold trimmed plates and charger sets completed the table.

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• Spuckcedes: I ship it


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• Untitled Spuckcedes Pt. 1….

Mercedes fought against the anger threatening to explode from her petite body as she watched the overzealous image consultant Kurt Hummel, hired by her record label, reveal his vision for her new look and debut solo album.  Her record label was trying to continue down the lane of the current pop princess image she had developed with her girl group Kiss, but Mercedes had a different plan in mind.  

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